Are you ready to revolutionize your process and procedure management? With Assent, you can take control, eliminate mistakes, and save time with our patent pending real time management software. Download our fact sheet.

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Our Features

User Management

With roles for Administrators, Viewers, and Scribes.

Procedure Management

With unlimited sections, and tasks.


Insert text into a procedure workflow for notes and caution items.


Add timers with visible and audio alerts for time sensitive tasks.


Automatic revision number management.


Insert new tasks, delete tasks, re-order tasks. The numbering is handled automatically.


Create unlimited jobs for any procedure.


Multiple technicians can work on jobs.


Updates to task start and stop times are distributed in real time to all viewers.


Easily see what tasks are not completed via color coding.


Add notes to any task in a job.


Customizable PDF report format.

Premium Features

Packed with time saving features, you will quickly realize immediate time savings for all of your procedure management tasks.

Features such as automatic task re-ordering, automatic versioning, revision history, and job management reduce complexity and give you piece of mind.

PIT Solutions has developed software to deal with the handling of all Process Information easily and efficiently. From procedures to training documents, using Real Time Procedure Execution will give any Procedure Writer and or Training Coordinator a very valuable tool to use.

This program solves a lot of compliance issues by providing a PDF version of all completed documents at the click of a button. Competed documents are locked down with editing not available. Procedures and Training documents can be viewed by multiple users to monitor progression at any time from any location. With a quick view you can see who has not completed any training. All training jobs are listed on employees Dashboard for ease of viewing for them to complete.

It increases efficiency in the handling of documents with its automated protocols from start to the approval stages. It has timers built into the steps to stop over run times on lengthy steps. This reduces time lost to not being sure when a step was started or who’s monitoring that time span. Steps in documents are color coded for ease of tracking which steps have been started and which ones have been executed.

Instant feedback is available for procedures and training documents through the use of a note system. The employee can enter a note as to any problem that was encountered during execution.

Real Time Procedure Execution has been installed at multiple facilities. One location is an Ethanol Production facility in Palestine IL. Software Installation was six months ago and the facility is seeing some serious reductions in training costs.

They are using the checklist feature for machinery pre-usage inspections instead of using the old paper version. This will maintain documentation on equipment usage and instant feedback to supervision on any problem encountered during inspection. It tracks hours, fuel, and oil usage plus any safety items failures. Supervisors can then read the notes section on that particular inspection and implement repairs immediately. No more file cabinets full of papers to hunt through.

Their training of employees is going smoothly and efficiently. They are no longer required to stay over at conclusion of the night shift to watch a Power Point presentation and try to stay awake. They are now are watching these on shift from their tablets at their leisure during the shift. At the conclusion of the presentation they will mark a box at the top of the page indicating they have read the material and understand it. This completed training item is now held for seven years as per compliance requirements. This has cut down on overtime and having to give up time off. It gives them a better attitude for safety. The bonus is they can review this PowerPoint presentation at any time if a question arises whereas before they couldn’t see it again until next year. A win-win situation for both employees and management.

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  • Procedure review
  • Procedure conversion and data importing
  • Procedure writing services
  • CBT development and instructional design
  • AR/VR interactive procedure training
  • Onsite and remote training