About Us

The New Way to process improvement.

With over 30 years of experience, our CEO, Tim Coombes has a proven track record at implementing process improvement in a wide area of industries. Seeing the lack of effective software for managing complex industrial processes, Tim set out to create the next generation of real time process management software specially designed to take advantage of the latest software and hardware technologies.

Who We Are

Tim Coombes, CEO

Tim Coombes is the founder and CEO of PIT Solutions, LLC. Tim has 32 years of work experience at Marathon Oil Petroleum Co consisted of ten years as an outside operator. Five years as a DCS and Chief Operator. Fifteen years at the Supervisor level in different capacities and different complexes. During the last fifteen years of service he spent it as a Process Specialist writing procedures and handling all PSM matters for the complex. He was the head supervisor of Operations for complex turnarounds with budgets in the tens of millions.

Greg Phillips, Partner

Greg is a leader in advertising and digital entertainment having key roles including Partner, CEO, VP of Marketing and EVP. He is an entrepreneurial business owner of successful digital agencies including: Plow Digital, Plow Games, PDG and Gabriel Entertainment. Greg’s area of expertise is developing interactive products. Greg is a pioneer and leader in Augmented Reality. Plow’s client roster includes: Audi, Airstream, Harley Davidson, Allison, BMW, Build-A-Bear and many more.

Derek O'Dell, Partner

Derek has held leadership roles in software development, user interface and user experience as well as overall tech team management. He is Co-founder and Partner of Plow Digital. He was the leader of software development for clients such as Audi, Harley Davidson, Eli Lilly and Macallan. His expertise includes development of world class software. Derek is experienced in all phases: wireframing to design to programming. He earned CS and EE degrees from Purdue University.

Aaron King, Lead Engineer

Aaron King is a Software Engineer and Systems Architect who partners with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to grow and streamline their businesses with efficientsoftware. After spending nearly 2 decades working in technology for startups and established enterprises, Aaron knows what truly drives successful software projects. Aaron is a full-stack developer having extensive experience with front end development, back end programming, databases, servers, security, and performance tuning. Aaron has worked on software in a wide variety of industries including, e-commerce, medical, retail, finance, and construction. Aaron holds a BS in Management Information Systems from Indiana State University.