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Food Safety Modernization Act

In the ever-changing world in which we live in one thing is certain... you need documentation to prove you are in compliance with regulations handed down by Bureaucrats. This is the essential basis of our software to provide you and your company with an automated version of electronic documentation. We can take documents, procedures, training, and checklists, and merge them into an electronic file location for instant reviewing. You can have as little or as much detail added to the software to meet your exact demands. Checklists filled out in the field have the ability to be viewed and collaborated in Real Time by all personnel and management. We can include electronic documentation from outside contractors or vendors, which can verify that they are compliant without having to have a paper document to worry about losing. Training of employees is easily accomplished through our software to meet the specific needs of your company. Verification of properly trained employees is fulfilled in our software and allows for a one button easy view training exception reports to prevent personnel from not being properly trained. Training is automatically set up on an annual basis along with any other specialized training required by your company. Our software meets and exceeds expectations for compliance with this new Food Safety Management Act handed out by the FDA.

With our software, carriers can take an electronic version of the cleaned out trailer (or wash ticket) which we can integrate into a folder for each trailer with a timestamp and date credentials. A mere checklist item can be added to the document verifying the trailer is ready to be loaded out. Depending on your system needs a numerical value can be added to differentiate loads to this carrier or trailer. We can also provide for a checklist to be filled out by operations personnel to verify the trailer is clean and ready to be loaded if no wash ticket is available. This will especially come in handy for DDG loadouts.

Our software system will maintain these documents for a period of three years and will be automatically purged annually to maintain your compliance. Documents can be set up and broken down by carrier or by trailer number for easier access to the required documents.

With our software system we can even collect additional data to determine what other products have been added prior to this time of loadout which might influence the load itself. An example of this would be of enzymes or certain yeasts or additional inputs to the process which might affect the finished product. This would include batch numbers of inputs from vendors. This will come in handy to determine certain batches effectiveness in case litigation should ever occur.